Real Life Stories And Poems

These true stories and poems may be hard to read causing some people consideral distress, but I have included them on this site because I want to let people going through similar circumstances know that they are not alone and that others have had similar circumstances and survived!

These stories and poems are not about bragging how hard some people have had it, they are about giving support to those who are struggling, those who are still going through domestic and family violence and abuse, those reaching out for help, and those who have broken free. They are also here to help others understand what some people have gone and/or going through.

If you would like to submit your story or poem about going through or surviving domestic and family violence and abuse to be considered for inclusion on this page, please email it to us. All stories will be copyrighted to the author, names of places and people can be changed to maintain privacy for survivors, and author's names can also be withheld by myself upon request to maintain privacy.


  • For those with severe depression and/or suicidal tendencies please speak to a councillor about your desire to read these stories and poems before doing so, and taking their advice as to whether you should or not at this point in time.
  • Some of these stories and poems may cause distress to some people and are to be read at your own discression.

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