Real Life Stories And Poems

Why He Left Me

I know our marriage is not great.
But why leave me in such a state?
Why won't you tell me what is wrong?
The reason does not have to be long.

Our house is only partly finished,
But my love for you has not diminished.
Completing our house is beyond me,
I don't have your skills, you see.

Our kids are at school for the day,
So please, why don't you just stay?
We can discuss all that is not right
There is no need to be so uptight.

I will tell you why, just before I go,
For me you will no longer want to know.

So he packed his things into the car,
The last walk back was hardest by far.

I know this will be hard for you to hear,
But I will tell you the truth, my dear.
There is another that I now truly love,
You see he suits me like a hand in a glove.

© S. Goeldner, 2015.

© S. D. Goeldner, 2015. Last updated August, 2016.

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