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The Godhead

I AM = God = Jesus

Are Jesus And Satan Brothers?

The Lord Our God Is One Lord

Who Is Jesus Christ?

Revelation Of God

Angel Of The Lord

God's Word - The Bible

Which Is The Real Word Of God?

Which Is The Real Word Of God? - Zipped

The Bible Versus Reasoning

The Bible - God's Word

New Versions Of The Bible

Why The King James Version Of The Bible Can Be Trusted

Bible Promises

Sabbath And God's Law

The Law Of ?

The Ten Commandments A Law Of Love

The Ten Commandments In The New Testament

God's Rest Day

Sabbath Keeping

Proper Sabbath Observance

The Sabbath Of The Lord

The Sabbath - Has Time Been Lost?

End Time Events

Why Is Jesus Christ Coming The Second Time?

Signs Of Jesus Christ's Return

How Will Jesus Christ Return?

Song Of God's People During Time Of Trouble

The Seven Last Plagues

Worship - The Final End-Time Crisis

Who Is The First Beast Of Revelation 13

The Three Angel's Messages

The Mark Of The Beast


The Seal Of God


2,300 Day Prophecy

The Two Witnesses

1,000 Years

The Beast With Lamb Like Horns

Seven Heads Of Revelation 12, 13, & 17 Controversy

Prophecies Contained In Daniel

Links go to Uriah Smith's book entitled
Daniel and the Revelation 1912 Edition
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Prophecies Contained In The Revelation

Links go to Uriah Smith's book entitled
Daniel and the Revelation 1912 Edition
Click here to see why?
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The Importance Of Forgiving

From The Foundation Of The World

The Redemption Of Man


How To Obtain Salvation

Are You Saved?


Ellen G. White


The Lord's Supper

Where Are The Dead?

Bible Promises

Money! Is It Really Ours?

Antichrist Is Here!

The Gift Of Tongues

Liberty Of Conscience Threatened

Christian Or Pagan?

Are You A Trouble Maker?

Wednesday Crucifixion?

Forsaken The Assembling Together

Infant Baptism

The Devil Or Satan

Eternal Hell Fire


An Authentic SDA Christmas


Call No Man Father

That You May Be Able To Stand

We Are To Know

Another Jesus

Only Believe On The Lord Jesus Christ

Pagan Christianity Today Part 1

Pagan Christianity Today Part 2

Pagan Christianity Today Part 3

Pagan Christianity Today Part 4

Scriptual Problems For a Secret Rapture


Biblical Institute Lectures

A synopsis of lectures on the principal doctrines of Seventh-Day Adventists by Elders James White and U. Smith,
1877. These lectures include:-

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The Sanctuary

Types And Antitypes In The Sanctuary

A series of studies on the Sanctuary:-

(not yet completed)

1. Why study the sanctuary?

2. Why and when did the sacrificial system start?

3. When was the earthly sanctuary first made?

4. Was the earthly sanctuary the original?

5. God named special men for making parts of the sanctuary.

6. How did Moses obtain the material?

7. How long did it take to build the sanctuary?

8. Those who worked in and carried the sanctuary.

9. The court yard fence.

10. The altar of burnt offering.

11. The laver.

12. The door into the first apartment.

13. Table Of Shewbread.

14. Candlestick Or Lamp Stand.

15. Altar Of Incense.

16. The Door Into The Second Apartment.

17. The Ark Of The Covenant.

18. The Mercy Seat.

19. Walls And Roof Of The Sactuary

22. Sacrifices of the Sanctuary Service

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