Poems and Short Stories

Exquisite Seaside

The palm and the pine trees wave in the breeze,
welcoming and bidding farewell to all.
While the visitors enjoy the exquisite seaside,
by partaking in various and varied activities.

It is here that I have a sense of calm and freedom,
and relax while letting my troubles disappear into the water.
As I walk along the sparkling sand at the water’s edge,
I watch the glistening waves as they try to overtake the land.

I constantly look for shells, unusual rocks, or drift wood,
to add to my growing collection of memorabilia.
I watch birds soaring through the crisp salty air,
or standing on the rocks and sand to rest.

It is here at the seaside that my soul is refreshed,
taking in all the sights, sounds, and smells,
remembering the welcome and farewell of the trees,
and enjoying it in my own way – for it is exquisite!

© 2014 S. D. Goeldner

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