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Practical Exercises

The Practical Exercises listed here are to be practised as soon as you learn them, if you are not already doing so. It is for the benefit of your physical, mental, and spiritual well being that you continue to practice these Practical Exercises and make them an everyday part of your life.

The modules listed should be done with the corresponding modules for Bible Studies and Health and Hygiene studies to give a balance to these studies.

Abbreviations are used in these studies for the books written by Ellen G. White. A list of the abbreviations and what books they stand for can be found at :- Abbreviations. Commonly used abbreviations are used for text references. All other references are given in full in the study.

"Observe system in the study of the Scriptures in your families. Neglect anything of a temporal nature, . . . but be sure that the soul is fed with the bread of life. It is impossible to estimate the good results of one hour or even half an hour each day devoted in a cheerful, social manner to the Word of God. Make the Bible its own expositor, bringing together all that is said concerning a given subject at different times and under varied circumstances. Do not break up your home class for callers or visitors. If they come in during the exercise, invite them to take part in it. Let it be seen that you consider it more important to obtain a knowledge of God's Word than to secure the gains or pleasures of the world."
"If we would study the Bible diligently and prayerfully every day, we should every day see some beautiful truth in a new, clear, and forcible light." C.G. page 511 para. 1 & 2.

"Those who are engaged in study should have relaxation. The mind must not be constantly confined to close thought, for the delicate mental machinery becomes worn. The body as well as the mind must have exercise."
"Attention to recreation and physical culture will at times, no doubt, interrupt the regular routine of schoolwork; but the interruption will prove no real hindrance. In the invigoration of mind and body, the fostering of an unselfish spirit, and the binding together of pupil and teacher by the ties of common interest and friendly association, the expenditure of time and effort will be repaid a hundredfold. A blessed outlet will be afforded for that restless energy which is so often a source of danger to the young. As a safeguard against evil, the preoccupation of the mind with good is worth more than unnumbered barriers of law and discipline." A.H. pages 494 para. 5 - 5 para. 1.

"Children and youth who are kept at school and confined to books cannot have sound physical constitutions. The exercise of the brain in study, without corresponding physical exercise, has a tendency to attract the blood to the brain, and the circulation of the blood through the system becomes unbalanced. The brain has too much blood, and the extremities too little. There should be rules regulating the studies of children and youth to certain hours, and then a portion of their time should be spent in physical labor. And if their habits of eating, dressing, and sleeping are in accordance with physical law, they can obtain an education without sacrificing physical and mental health." C.G. page 340 para. 2.

"The student of physiology should be taught that the object of his study is not merely to gain a knowledge of facts and principles. This alone will prove of little benefit. He may understand the importance of ventilation, his room may be supplied with pure air; but unless he fills his lungs properly he will suffer the results of imperfect respiration. So the necessity of cleanliness may be understood, and needful facilities may be supplied; but all will be without avail unless put to use. The great requisite in teaching these principles is to impress the pupil with their importance so that he will conscientiously put them in practice."
"By a most beautiful and impressive figure, God's word shows the regard He places upon our physical organism and the responsibility resting on us to preserve it in the best condition: 'Know ye not that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit which is in you, which ye have from God? and ye are not your own.' 'If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.' I Corinthians 6:19, R.V., margin; 3:17."
"Let pupils be impressed with the thought that the body is a temple in which God desires to dwell, that it must be kept pure, the abiding place of high and noble thoughts. As in the study of physiology they see that they are indeed 'fearfully and wonderfully made' (Psalm 139:14), they will be inspired with reverence. Instead of marring God's handiwork, they will have an ambition to make all that is possible of themselves, in order to fulfill the Creator's glorious plan. Thus they will come to regard obedience to the laws of health, not as a matter of sacrifice or self-denial, but as it really is, an inestimable privilege and blessing." Ed. pages 200 para. 2 - 1 para. 2.

Module 1

1a - Posture and Voice
1b - Personal Cleanliness
1c - Cleanliness at Home

Module 2

2a - Gardening
2b - Gardening - Cont.

Module 3

3a - Food Preparation And Cooking Part 1
3b - Food Preparation And Cooking Part 2
3c - Food Preparation And Cooking Part 3

Module 4

4a - Massage
4b - Water Treatments
4c - Herbs, Charcoal, And Other Natural Remedies

Module 5

5a - Christ's Parting Commission And Gift To The Church
5b - Winning Friends For Christ
5c - Personal Witnessing
5d - Giving Bible Studies
5e - Public Speaking

Module 6

6a - Sermon Preparation
6b - Delivering A Sermon
6c - Decision Making Time
6d - Different Outreach Programs
6e - Preparations For A Public Outreach Program
6f - Outreach Programs For Children And Youth

Module 7

7a - How To Do Medical Missionary Work Part 1
7b - How To Do Medical Missionary Work Part 2

Module 8

8a - In The World But Not Of It
8b - Creation/Evolution
8c - Education
8d - Politics
8e - Ecumenism
8f - Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready!

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