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Why Do I Still Cry?

The road of life has many ups and downs,
But I have learnt not to wear a frown.
Well, at least that is most of the time,
So most of my good friends will chime.

But once in a while on a blue moon,
I really don’t want to leave my room.
For my eyes have filled with tears again,
And my heart has such a terrible pain.

It was something oh so innocent you see,
That brought this painful memory to me.
It was a story about animals who were sick,
And which one might die you couldn’t pick.

The one who did took me back many years,
To a time and place filled with dread and fears.
For it reminded me of two loved pets I lost,
Although I did all I could despite the cost.

It was so long ago I thought I had healed,
But sometimes these things are just concealed.
When wounds fully heal scars they become,
Then I will not cry when these memories come.

© S. Goeldner, 2015.

© S. D. Goeldner, 2015. Last updated August, 2019.

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