Real Life Stories And Poems

What is left?

When you are held down,
Made into a naked slave,
By men from your town,
All you want is to hide in a cave.

When you want to leave home,
For your father no love has shown,
You hide in your room,
But you feel sad and alone.

Where can one go for comfort?
Is there no place to hide,
Where can there be found support?
In God alone can you confide.

Now time has passed by,
A slave for men's pleasure
No longer am I,
Neither is my mind pure.

Life alone has not been taken from me,
All other items of my person stolen away,
There is nothing else to see,
Yet I am alive today!

© Victoria brooks, 2009.

© S. D. Goeldner, 2013. Last updated August, 2016.

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