Real Life Stories And Poems

True Courage

Courage is not always fearless, sturdy and strong.
Sometimes it takes courage to just move along.
Accepting all the choices that you do make,
And the consequences for them you must take.

Courage is doing what is right for yourself.
Instead of copying others and sitting on a shelf.
Be true to yourself, get out there and discover,
What more there is to life without a cover.

True courage fights on when all seems lost.
Picks up the pieces and travels on despite the cost.
You’ll never know how much you can achieve,
Until you forge ahead with courage and believe.

You will need to put aside your dreadful past,
And have hope of finding some special at last.
Who can give you a hug so hard and so strong.
That all the pieces will go back where they belong.

The choice is clear from where I now stand.
So please, don’t dismiss my plea, waving your hand.
For true courage you too can have in your life,
To make your life better but not without strife.

© S. Goeldner, 2015.

© S. D. Goeldner, 2015. Last updated August, 2019.

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