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To Who Or What Are You Connected?

Please tell me to who or what are you connected?
A place, book, movie, or thought of someone rejected.
A connection does not have to last very long in time,
To leave a lasting memory in your mind’s written line.

For it does not matter where you are or how you feel,
You will be connected to something that is very real.
It may be as simple as the thing on which you sit – a chair.
Or something more delicate like a breath of fresh air.

You may feel connected to a book or movie character,
For you may be going or gone through a similar disaster.
Or want to master some strength that they did acquire,
Which would fulfil your life’s dream and heart’s desire.

Connection with loved ones is something most of us feel.
It matters not if we live close or far away for this deal.
For love has a special way of keeping us close at heart,
Even when everything else in our life is falling apart.

Some people with wild animals a connection is found,
But more so with tame animals does this usually abound.
They love and care for each other, but not like us.
It is on a much deeper level with much less fuss.

Not all of our connections last for as long as we live,
But while we have them we should our all to them give.
For it is so much better to have been connected strongly.
Then to live your whole life and die oh so lonely.

© S. Goeldner, 2014.

© S. D. Goeldner, 2015. Last updated August, 2019.

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