Real Life Stories And Poems

Morning Poems

Awoke early with a poem in my head,
So I had to climb right out of my bed.
While trying hard to find pen and paper
I was reciting words I had to remember.

I turn on my computer and opened a file,
And start to type words in a pile.
I would sort them out later for sure,
But for now I must write them and more.

So quickly these words together came,
Oh, this poem is about what’s 's name.
It’s coming together rather speedily,
For it is about an old friend you see.

Slowly into my office chair I do sink,
For I had been standing so I could think.
Fifteen minutes was all the first poem took,
And two more before breaky I did cook.

Writing at times can be such joy and fun,
Especially when catching words on the run.
Writing each one down this way or that,
So started one day in my humble flat.

© 2015 S. D. Goeldner.

© S. D. Goeldner, 2015. Last updated August, 2019.

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