Real Life Stories And Poems

Invisible Boundaries

Boundaries are invisible things adults do maintain,
To try and stop themselves from being hurt once again.
One is a circle all around us known as a comfort zone.
Everyone’s is different and alterations are prone.

As children, our parents many boundaries do mention,
To try and keep us in a safe and loving dimension.
Many times during our childhood and wild youth,
We test these many boundaries as to their truth.

Then slowly as we mature and see more of life,
We make our own boundaries to fit with our strife.
The boundaries we set to others we must clearly tell,
Or they will be broken making us feel like hell.

Being frightened, threatened, trapped or confined,
We may in some disagreeable way react unrefined.
A poor situation may be blown clear out of proportion,
Simply because our insides are in contortion.

There will always be those who won’t care how you feel,
And breaking your boundaries is part of their deal.
They will cause mischief and mayhem wherever they go,
And they usually have friends that like them just so so.

Our boundaries will change over the years of our life.
So we must expect others to change theirs, without strife.
Other’s boundaries we should ever recognise and respect.
For this would make our world much more perfect.

© S. D. Goeldner, 2014.

© S. D. Goeldner, 2015. Last updated August, 2019.

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