Real Life Stories And Poems

A Child's Plea

Lord, Why can't I live in a good home
Where everyone is treated equal?
Lord, Why do some people condone
Ill-treatment of animals?

Lord, why can't I live where I can be loved
Without criticism, because I'm not perfect?
Lord, Why do some parents expect good-tempered children,
When the children have only bad tempered examples?

Lord, Why can't I live where enemies are loved,
Whether they may harm us now or we know they will later?
Lord, why do people who say they follow you,
Get angry and unpredictable when questioned about simple
       things they do wrong?

Lord, Is this how all children grow up?
Leaving only bad decisions for later?
Lord, How do I follow your example,
When I can't be perfect yet you were perfect?

Lord, How do you study and learn,
When you are continually put down even after success?
Lord, Why can't I live where I'd feel safer at home,
Than I would out on the street?

Lord, Why does my stomach churn,
Each time I see one of my siblings having playful success?
Lord, Why does the thought of my home
Send a chill down my spine while I'm out in the streets?

Lord, Why can't I live where people try to help me learn
How to put my thoughts to words and then how to
       verbalise them?
Lord, Why don't I have freedom of speech?
When what I think differs from what others think?

Lord, Why can't I live where, when a loved pet dies,
I am comforted and not scolded or teased?
Lord, What do others think
When I try to explain my thoughts through actions,
Because I cannot put them into legible speech?

Lord, are you helping me build a strong character,
If so, is there not another way?
Lord, why can't I live where I can try to correct my diet,
Without being told I am doing myself harm?

Lord, if I can't live in a Good Home,
Please don't leave me here alone.

© Victoria Brooks, 2003.

© S. D. Goeldner, 2012. Last updated July, 2019.

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